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Center Of Excellence

Center of Excellence is a non-profit community organisation committed to building a bridge and strengthening connections between youth and parents, focusing first on the Somali community, and reaching out to others as we develop.


Our long-term intention is to create a safe space for people to share EXPERIENCES,  to EMBRACE, ENRICH, and ELEVATE each other to ACHIEVE their own excellence. 

"Perfect in your imperfection.”  

-Iyanla Vanzant 

About Us

About Us

Our Vision:

  1. Strengthen ties between generations

  2. Improve access to mental health and other services

  3. Foster Community pride and develop local leadership

  4. Be the trusted hub for the community and service providers

Our Mission:

  1. To challenge the stigmas around mental health within the community

  2. To be the engine that motivates our community to transform the status quo and open themselves to new experiences.

  3. To create opportunities that empower them to flourish and achieve their self-defined excellence.

Our Values:

  1. To create a safe space for the community, to share their EXPERIENCE and sense of belonging.

  2. To encourage the community to EMBRACE change as an opportunity to grow and evolve.

  3. To build a network of connections and opportunities to ENRICH their overall well-being.

  4. To build a network of connections that supports individuals and ELEVATE other change makers.

"Your legacy is every life you’ve touched, It’s every person you’ve harmed or helped.”  

-Maya Angelou 

Our Services

Our Services


At the Centre Of Excellence, we are committed to being a vehicle for change.

Through providing diverse workshops, events, and community-driven initiatives. All with a common goal to further enhance the lives of the Somali and other ethnic communities within the London Borough of Barnet and beyond without compromising their identity.

Mental Health and Emotional Well-being 

  • We promote the importance for minority ethnic communities to focus on their mental health and emotional wellness. 


  • We deliver innovative projects focused on breaking the silence and challenging the stigmas about mental health conditions of minority ethnic communities.​

  • We advocate anti-discriminatory practices and inclusivity to stop the inequalities that minority ethnic groups experience in terms of accessing services.


  • We provide coaching and mentoring workshops that are designed to narrow the generational and cultural gap between the youth and parents.

Culture and Heritage 

  • We promote diversity and inclusion within the community, with an array of spiritual and cultural events, workshops, and seminars that focus on promoting cross-cultural learning and conversations.

Information, Guidance, Translation, and Advocacy 

  • We provide advice and information in areas of welfare, housing, education, immigration, employment, finances, and money management.

  • We are building a community voice, a platform for all sections of our community to identify issues and a pathway to solutions to lead the community forward.

Contact Us

Contact Us

The Address: 4/5 The Concourse, Colindale, London NW9 5XB


Tell: +447511 161967

You can also contact us by using this form:

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